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Real Estate Club

March 20, 2010

Chinese Names Sex English Name Class Title
朱保全                      M ZHU Baoquan EMBA11BJ2 President
黄俊康 M HUANG Junkang CEO07 Reputation President
李  洁              F LI Jie EMBA08SH3 Secretary General 
陈云美                              F CHEN Yunmei CEO10 Vice President
高书林                        M GAO Shulin EMBA08SZ4 Vice President
高  宇                 M GAO Yu SEPC07,CELC14 Vice President
鲁贵卿                          M LU Guiqing CEO07 Vice President
刘  猛              M LIU Meng EMBA05BJ2 Vice President
罗  欣                  M LUO Xin EMBA08SH7 Vice President
王杰良                        M WANG Jieliang EMBA00SH3 Vice President
王天也                        M WANG Tianye CEO07 Vice President
吴志群    M WU Zhiqun AMP7班 Vice President
肖  诚                       M XIAO Cheng EMBA09SZ1 Vice President
肖林伟                     M XIAO Linwei EMBA11SZ2 Vice President
袁富儿                M YUAN Fuer EMBA08SZ4 Vice President
叶惠全                                M YE Huiquan CEO09 Vice President
周栋良                    M ZHOU Dongliang EMBA06SZ7 Vice President
张国超                   M ZHANG Guochao EMBA07BJ3 Vice President
周  为     M ZHOU Wei EMBA12SZ1 Vice President
陈京琳                         M CHEN Jinglin EMBA11SZ1 Vice Secretary General 
覃文平                      F QIN Wenping EMBA05SZ2 Vice Secretary General 
杨世斌                     M YANG Shibin EMBA11SZ1 Vice Secretary General 
周  博                          M ZHOU Bo EMBA2014SZ1 Vice Secretary General 
张永便 M ZHANG Yongbian EMBA08BJ3 Vice Secretary General 
Contact person: 
Ms Li Jie