Jerry Sun

Hao SUN ( EMBA 2009)
Chairman of CEIBS Marketing Association
Member of the CEIBS Gobi Association

Formerly a teacher at Shanghai Conservatory of Music, SUN entered the advertising and media industry in 1994. In 1998, SUN undertook the position of Media Director at Dentsu Group, becoming the first Chinese local talent to hold an executive position at international media corporations. In 2000, SUN ventured his first business and received great success in developing the advertising market of Hunan TV.  Through the recommendation of his mentor Lun FENG, SUN entered CEIBS in 2009 to pursue a degree in Executive Business Administration. In September 2015, together with his classmates from CEIBS, SUN launched, a platform bridging advertising resources to films and dramas. joined CEIBS eLab incubator in 2016.