Vince Ghossoub

CEO / Falafel Games

MBA 2009

Vincent is CEO of Falafel Games, based in Hangzhou, China, the leading producer and publisher of mobile and browser Massively-Multiplayer Online Games in the Middle East.

Falafel Games serves more than 2m users in the Middle East across its games: درع الجزيرة (codename: Clash of Tanks) a modern war themed MMO RTS on iOS; لعبة حرب الحروب (codename: Hot Blood) a modern war Strategy game cross-platform on Web and iOS.

Falafel Games takes best practices and talent from the innovative Chinese gaming market and applies them abroad with local expertise in user preferences and local market knowledge.

It is backed by Middle East Venture Partners, Middle East Broadcasting Corporation and Abu Dhabi Media Authority.

Vincent holds a BE in Computer and Communications Engineering from the American University of Beirut and a MBA from China Europe International Business School in Shanghai.