Paul Tong

Co-Founder / My Fancy Box

GEMBA 2014

Industry: Consumer Goods


* 2015 expected, GEMBA, China Europe International Business School
* 1988, BA in Fashion Design, Fashion Institute of Technology, New York



My Fancy Box is a marketing, customer analytic, and social platform rolling into one. We provide a marketing vehicle/tool for consumer brands to reach their potential customers by offering a first hand experience of a real product plus story telling through inhouse advertising free magazine.

Our proposition is “A box full of surprises!”. By saying “A box full of surprises!”, there are 2 dimensionals. On the first dimensional, our No. 1 value propositon is an exclusive item to end-costumers, we achieve this by providing a monthly themetic box filled with items which are created exclusively for “My Fancy Box” from well known brands. No. 2 is high perceived value-for-money beyond expectations: the box is sold at only 199 RMB; yet, the perceived value is worth much more owing to the whole user experience. On the 2nd dimensional, our No. 1 value proposition to brand is to reach a very focus customer base without spending a lot; and our No. 2 value proposition to brand is the high conversion rate from trying to buying. As surveys show, the conversion rate of B2C subscription of the box model is as high as 12.5% vs. the less than 1% achieved by conventional marketing channels.

Mr. Paul Tong is the co-founder of My Fancy Box. Mr. Tong has an extensive working experience in High End retail and in particular, luxury retail and fashion industry. Mr. Tong served as Vice President of fashion division at ImagineX Group in Hong Kong for 8 years until he joined Gucci China and moved to Shanghai in 2009. Under his management, Gucci China had achieved the best financial result in 2012. He left Gucci China by the end of 2013. Mr. Joseph Chow is the Associated Publisher/Chief Editor of Tatler Magazine in China. Orginal from Hong Kong, Mr. Chow has been in the publishing industry for over 20 years. Before he joined Tatler Magazine in 2010, he was the Chief Editor of Elle Men in Hong Kong till 2008 before he relocated to Shanghai as the Founding Chief Editor for Noblesse Magazine in China.