Aidan LIU

Industry: Others
Function: Operations/Logistics

Aidan is a Chinese Canadian who grew up in China until the age of 13. Afterwards, he has lived in Hungary, the U.S., and Canada. Upon graduating from the University of Toronto, Aidan's Mining Engineer job led him into the wild Canadian North, where he worked alongside indigenous peoples on iron ore exploration projects.

Two years after graduation, Aidan became Project Manager in a Joint-Venture between a Chinese state-owned enterprise named WISCO and a Canadian mining company. Aidan represented WISCO in the JV partnership, and acted as a bridge between the two sides with his fluent Mandarin and western background. He oversaw the operation of two multimillion-dollar exploration projects, successfully completing their bankable feasibility studies.

Another two years passed, Aidan left the JV to focus on his family restaurant business. As General Manager, Aidan managed an award-wining, historically-fascinating, Thai restaurant. From mining projects to food services, Aidan found the transition challenging yet interesting, and was able to boost the restaurant's sales by 10% in a year. Due to his success, Aidan recently opened another Thai restaurant, which started making profits within two months.

Leisurely, Aidan has been an avid cross-country runner since high school.