Andy Hsieh

Industry: Financial Services
Function: Others - Assurance

Born and raised in Taiwan, Pei-Cheng graduated from National Tsing Hua University with a Bachelor's degree in Quantitative Finance in 2011. After one year in the army, he joined family business as an operation and finance manager and obtained business analy-tical skills. In 2014, he joined PwC and worked as an associate/senior-associate for al-most 4 years.

Pei-Cheng has accumulated many international experiences since university. He is a pas-sionate traveller who has traveled to more than 15 countries and 80 different cities in the world. At PwC, he's been providing quality assurance services to clients in Philippines, China, and USA.

Growing up, Pei-Cheng was heavily involved in rock-climbing. He learned perseverance and modesty at the edge of a cliff. Besides climbing, Pei-cheng likes to travel and explo-re. His ultimate destination is to explore the Antarctica.