Frederic Guiral

Industry: Fashion
Function: General Management

Born in France. In Asia for the last 28 years. CPA by training. Former Asia VP for AIGLE and then CEO China for JACK WOLFSKIN. CEIBS alumni (GMBA 2001).

Our Company is NIVOSE. its also the name of our brand. An original French mountain chic brand (dates back to 1933). We are relaunching the brand as a digital native brand in China and in France. We are an early stage company with a few orders already. We sell luxury down jackets and parkas at a affordable luxury price - which means premium prices. We are now looking for early funds. We have already raised 400  K USD and are now looking for 2.5 mio USD - in 18 months we will work on a Serie A for 6 mio USD> that's where we are.