Jasmine LIU


Industry: Real Estate

Function: Marketing/Sales

Born and brought up in Jiangxi province, Jasmine later went to Nanchang University, majoring French literature. Her curiosity and persistence encouraged her to constantly explore and try new things. She graduated as the "Charming alumni of the year" and won awards from Miss Chinese International Pageant to group thesis contest about education industry.

The experience in Hong Kong International Pageant allowed Jasmine to open up her mind and led her into her marketing career. After the pageant, she joined Hong Kong Goldin Group as PR coordinator and rotated in Hong Kong, Tianjin and Shanghai for projects. In 2013, Jasmine was promoted as director of marketing department at the group's financial service subsidiary in Shanghai, and this promotion forged her leader-ship and decision-making.

Jasmine also co-founded an online-offline manicure service project with her Canadian partner 2 years ago. Although her first entrepreneurship didn't work out, it inspired her to explore more about branding in new media era. In late 2015, she founded a social media agency with talented free lancers, offering content creation and operational service for diverse clients. She also runs her own lifestyle account and expect to offer products and offline social activities for her users.