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The CEIBS Alumni Ningxia Liaison Office was established on October 29, 2013, initiated by Secretary General Pan Zhijun (EMBABJ11-4). It has 25 members, two council members – Chen Xiaohua and Zhang Zuoli – and one CEIBS Alumni House. The Ningxia Liaison Office serves to liaise with Ningxia alumni, recommend students, receive alumni coming to Ningxia from other regions, and undertake promotion events assigned by CEIBS. The Liaison Office won the CEIBS Alumni Chapter Activity Organisation Award and CEIBS Alumni Chapter Data Maintenance Award in 2014. It has received over 600 alumni who have visited Ningxia on study trips and engaged in various alumni activities. In December 2013, President Zhu Xiaoming delivered a speech on “How Digitalisation has Changed the World?” during his visit here. In May 2014, Assistant President Ma Yusheng and Prof. Chen Jieping attended the CEIBS Management Forum in Ningxia. In July 2017, the office co-hosted the CEIBS Innovation Forum in Yinchuan, where Prof. Xu Dingbo delivered a speech titled “Chinese Economy in Transition: Challenges and Opportunities” and discussed transition and upgrade issues with Ningxia entrepreneurs. In October 2018, CEIBS Alumni Specific Programme Class 1 and the CEIBS Wine Association organised the “October Trip to Ningxia” and invited Prof. Zhang Wenqing to deliver a course on business model innovation.

The Ningxia Liaison Office is eager to fulfill its social responsibilities by engaging in CEIBS Cedar High-rise social responsibility activities and the public welfare project “Care for Rural Teachers – A Hundred People Plan” organised by Prof. Xu Dingbo. It has also played a part in the “Co-operation between 100 Pairs of Businesses and Villages for Poverty Alleviation” campaign to help lift Daidian village out of poverty.