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Friday, November 6, 2020

Forging Ahead and Embracing Change Together

October 31, 2020. Shanghai – CEIBS Global EMBA 2017 today celebrated the first anniversary of their graduation last year. The event also marked three years since the cohort first joined the programme in late-2017, when 80 executives from 20 countries and regions around the world started their 20-month Global EMBA journey our Shanghai campus.

Members of the Global EMBA Class of 2017 demonstrated a keen resoluteness and reflectiveness throughout their studies. Driven by these positive traits, they forged new dimensions for a Global EMBA class. For example, they were the first group to host company visits with different cohorts. These visits opened up opportunities for all classes, allowing everyone in the Global EMBA community to further their learning journey beyond outside of the classroom. This initiative created in-depth industry learning opportunities for both current students and alumni. The GE17 Accelerator was also a new initiative launched by the Global EMBA 2017 class which immediately earned a strong reputation in the Global EMBA community. Aiming to help entrepreneurs and current students and alumni alike to get from zero to one, the GE17 Accelerator created a truly holistic learning experience covering both theoretical frameworks and practices by way of insights from professors and guest speakers.

Isa Luo, Director of CEIBS Global EMBA Programme, gave a welcome speech for the reunion, in which she said, “It feels like only yesterday that we were celebrating your opening ceremony. I’m thrilled to see you coming together to celebrate your one-year graduation anniversary.”

Isa also reviewed the measures the school has taken in response to COVID-19, including the 40 online classes held in the early stages of the pandemic which ensured students could continue their learning without disruption. Furthermore, she highlighted the programme arrangements that have been in place since Shanghai campus reopened to classes in September.

Regarding the enrollment of the forthcoming cohort, Isa added, “Being a bridge for economic and cultural exchange between China, Europe and the world, CEIBS Global EMBA enrollment remains in great shape despite the uncertainties and changes brought by the pandemic. The Global EMBA 2020 class will start their Opening Residency Module on December 6 and the class will again be the largest English-language EMBA in Asia while maintaining our strict admissions criteria.”

There was also an important hand-over between the outgoing class committee and the new incoming class committee. Even after graduation, the class committee plays a critical role in ensuring the continued development of class activities and interactions while acting as an important bridge to the Global EMBA office. The new class committee reviewed the progress that the class had made so far and presented the future plan for the class. During the afternoon session, a roundtable was held to share everyone’s changes, challenges and gains since graduation.

CEIBS Global EMBA Project Manager Felicia Li expressed her gratitude to the outgoing committee for their contribution and support in staging various activities and events. She then extended her congratulations to the new committee and said she looked forward to working with them to connect everyone in the class no matter their location. Steven Yu, the new Class President, shared some news and updates of the class in 2020, including the progress of the class charity project and the great results achieved in the Gobi Challenge 2020.

The class also sat down to discuss “challenges and changes” in the afternoon. All of the alumni experienced changes during the programme and since graduation. Some changes were brought by the environment while some come from within. Facilitated by Yi Hou and Greg Harbin, participants shared their thoughts one by one. Topics included challenges and solutions during the pandemic period, careers in different industry settings and personal life changes. Many of the classmates have started a business since beginning their studies, while a large number have shifted their careers significantly. Alumni support is one of the most valuable assets the CEIBS Global EMBA community has.

As Reto Felber and Greg Harbin summarised: “This year has been a tough year for the world and hearing so many stories of transformation really made us keenly aware of how struggles can also bring wonderful changes and opportunities. These great events and activities that were prepared in times of such hardship really underlined our connectedness even after our studies have long finished. This is the spirit of CEIBS Global EMBA 2017.”