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Saturday, November 2, 2019

CEIBS Welcomes 107 New Global EMBA Students

November 2, 2019. Shanghai – CEIBS today welcomed to our campus 107 new Global EMBA students from 20 countries around the world. The students are here for their 8-day Opening Residency Module, where they will step away from their everyday business lives and into the classroom to begin the process of reflecting on their careers and professional experience. Hungry for self-improvement, this cohort of business elites have now begun their 20-month learning journey together. With 107 participants, the Global EMBA Class of 2019 is the largest class in the programme’s history.
Global Breadth
45% International Students 
Executives of the 2019 Global EMBA cohort come from 20 different countries and every continent (except Antarctica!). 45% of the participants are international students. These business leaders not only have a diverse multicultural background, they also show fantastic diversity in terms of industry backgrounds, functional specialities and company size and type. They come together today to create a community where ideas will be exchanged and shared to encourage mutual growth. The Global EMBA programme offers a comprehensive and multi-faceted learning experience to help participants expand their horizons.
A Platform for Female Leadership to Shine
43% Female Students
According to a survey conducted by the Executive MBA Council among its member programmes, the average ratio of female students in EMBA programmes worldwide is less than 30%. The CEIBS Global EMBA programme is proud to have an incoming class with 43% females, demonstrating CEIBS’ commitment to providing a platform for more female executives to showcase their strengths and charisma. This will help enable women in managerial roles to make the best of their unique leadership and influence.
High-Achieving and Academically-Minded
45% with a Master’s Degrees or above
Among the new cohort, 45% of the student body already hold a Master’s degree or higher. This demonstrates the hunger and passion for education that the students have, as well as a desire to reach higher and continually upgrade themselves. Many of the participants are graduates from renowned institutions such as MIT, Cornell, Oxford and Peking University.
China Depth
75% of Participants Based in China 
In the new cohort, 75% of the participants are based in China. The faculty consists of both Chinese and international scholars, all of whom have practical business experience in China. Their insights into the dynamic Chinese market will be extremely valuable to the class. With the majority of the core modules taking place at CEIBS’ Shanghai campus, this is the perfect platform to deliver on the school’s core strength of China Depth.
Opening Ceremony
Professor Yuan Ding, Vice President and Dean of CEIBS, began the Opening Ceremony for the Class of 2019 by welcoming the students as the largest and most diverse cohort in the Global EMBA programme’s history. He also shared with the participants his ambition for CEIBS to become one of the most influential business schools in the world and emphasised the role the newest group of talented students would play in realising that vision.  
Eddie Xi, Class Representative for the Global EMBA Class of 2018, also welcomed the new students. He shared some suggestions for the newcomers, encouraging them to show their enthusiasm and curiosity, and to make the best use of every opportunity the Global EMBA programme offers so as to get an immersive learning experience. 
Jan Heinze and Yetunde Odunayo Olulusi also spoke as new Class Representatives for the incoming class, expressing their excitement and anticipation at what they consider to be a life-changing moment in getting their 20-month learning journey under way. 
The end of the Opening Ceremony marked the official start of the new cohort’s journey with CEIBS. The 107 business elites from 20 countries will now work together over the next 20 months and challenge themselves to become better leaders with greater international perspectives and more professional managerial knowledge.
The CEIBS Global EMBA programme is the largest English-language EMBA programme in the Chinese mainland. Ranked 5th globally in the Financial Times ranking of the world’s top 100 EMBA programmes in 2018, the CEIBS Global EMBA programme is proud to be recognised as the highest-ranked stand-alone EMBA programme in the world. The growing reputation and popularity of the programme has been continually enhanced by world-class faculty, a strong global alumni network, an international learning environment, and a rigorous focus on business practices in China.