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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Never Say Goodbye: CEIBS Hosts GEMBA 2017 Graduation

September 14, 2019. Shanghai – In October 2017, 80 business leaders from 15 countries around the world joined CEIBS as members of the Global EMBA 2017 cohort. Two years later, this learning journey has come to a celebratory conclusion. Today, the CEIBS Shanghai campus welcomed the cohort and their family members to cap that journey off in style by celebrating the CEIBS Global EMBA 2017 graduation.

Nikolaos Tsikriktsis, Director of the CEIBS Global EMBA Programme, announced the opening of the graduation ceremony. School leaders including CEIBS President Li Mingjun and CEIBS President (European) Dipak Jain also attended the event.

Professor Jain then began the proceedings with a congratulatory speech, which he concluded by telling the graduates, “When you proceed from success to significance, make sure that you think of the community and see what you can do to make the world a better place.”

Louise Vogler, Regional Chief Credit Officer, Africa and Middle East & Global Financial Institutions Risk at Standard Chartered Bank, then offered a keynote speech. In her speech, she discussed the benefits she has gained from being a CEIBS alumna, and emphasised the power of the CEIBS alumni network and the lifelong support it provides. Finally, she wished the graduates well and challenged them to change the world with the confidence and optimism they have gained from CEIBS.

On behalf of the faculty team, Shameen Prashantham, Associate Professor of International Business and Strategy, told the graduates that, as they begin their journey as alumni of CEIBS, they should leverage their networks actively, discerningly and reflectively.

Next, graduate representatives Dai Lei and Victor Ikechukwu Ugorji gave a pair of speeches in which they elaborated on their achievements as GEMBA students. They recalled how their classmates supported them when they faced challenges, and also expressed gratitude to the faculty and staff that offered help during their stay here.

CEIBS President Li Mingjun then accepted a special donation from the graduating class to CEIBS in honour of the school’s 25th anniversary. Several students also received awards for outstanding academic achievement and classroom contribution. Victor Ikechukwu Ugorji, Roger Daniel Baumgartner Marti and Tanya Hsu were presented with the Best GPA Award. Tanya Hsu, Ori Schnitzer, Thomas Williams and Michelle Zhang Ying were presented with the Outstanding Graduate Award.

Finally, Presidents Li Mingjun and Dipak Jain conferred diplomas to all of the graduates. As the curtain fell on the ceremony, 80 students completed their learning journey at CEIBS and will now embark on the next chapter of their lives.