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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Wu Jinglian Appointed as CEIBS Honorary Professor

September 21, 2018. Beijing – Renowned Economist Professor Wu Jinglian, who has been a leading member of the school’s faculty for decades, has been appointed Honorary Professor at CEIBS. He was conferred with the honour at his home, on the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival, during a visit by CEIBS Vice President and Dean Professor Ding Yuan, along with Beijing Office Deputy Chief Representative and Campus Operations Director Xiao Bin. For many years, Prof. Wu served as Baosteel Chair Professor of Economics at CEIBS.

During the visit, Prof. Ding presented Prof. Wu with exquisite “Tu'er Ye” figurines, works of art recognised as part of China’s intangible cultural heritage, while wishing him a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and a pleasant, healthy life ahead. That will still involve a role at CEIBS. According to Prof. Ding, the school will continue to fully support Prof. Wu’s academic work and welcome him back to campus for lectures and talks with students and alumni.

Looking in good health, the 88-year-old Prof. Wu graciously accepted the appointment, which is effective September 2018. The rest of the visit was spent engaged in a friendly exchange with Prof. Ding. With a deep interest in the development of CEIBS and its alumni, Prof Wu inquired about plans for the school’s faculty, teaching methodology and overall growth – and he spoke of his high expectations for the future development of CEIBS. Always the academic, he also shared his gains from the recent Chinese Economists 50 Forum.

Prof Wu’s ties to CEIBS have been long and strong. After an academic visit to Yale University in 1984, he became a professor with the China-EC Management Institute (CEMI), CEIBS’ predecessor. He was more than 60 years old when CEMI relocated to Shanghai and CEIBS was established in 1994. For more than 20 years he commuted tirelessly between Beijing and Shanghai for lectures with CEIBS MBA and EMBA students. It was not until last year that he stopped doing so. His lectures have always been well received and very popular.

Prof. Wu’s generosity is legendary. In 2008, he established the “Wu Jinglian Education Fund” and over the years many students have been able to access a CEIBS education because of a scholarship that helped them overcome financial barriers. Prof. Wu once commented that CEIBS could be credited with China’s successful economic development and improvements in the country’s management education. Over the years, he has supported CEIBS’ development through his actions.

As one of the most renowned economists of our time, Prof. Wu pioneered the theory of market-oriented reform in China, and promoted a market economy under the rule of law. He has remained at the forefront of both theoretical and practical knowledge, with a focus on and commitment to exploring China’s economic reform issues. A paragon of virtue with a keen interest in research, he has been influencing and guiding CEIBS alumni with his efforts to deepen reform.

In recognition of his excellence in teaching and research and special contribution to the school during his time as a full-time professor, CEIBS appointed Prof. Wu an “honorary professor” to highlight his exemplary role among the faculty and continued outstanding contribution to the school post-retirement. The appointment has widespread support among all those who have benefitted from Prof. Wu’s knowledge and expertise.

There will be an official ceremony in Beijing this November to mark the appointment. Prof. Wu will also join the CEIBS Beijing Campus’ 24th anniversary celebration, where he will continue to share with CEIBS alumni his research and understanding of China’s economic policies, theories and practices.