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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Reuniting on Campus: A Great Gift for Teachers' Day

Dear CEIBS Alumni,

Each September, Teachers’ Day reminds us of the students from whom have long been separated. This year’s Teachers’ Day also brings us joy as our HEMBA, EE, EMBA, FMBA and GEMBA courses will once again be taught on campus starting in September.

With joy and expectation this Teachers’ Day, we would like to extend our regards first to our faculty. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, they have explored its impact on the business community and have proposed ways for companies to adapt, offering a beacon of hope in a world fraught with uncertainties. When courses could not be delivered on campus, they shared knowledge online, providing students and alumni with up-to-date business insights. They have also hosted webinars, boosting the school’s online teaching capabilities and strength in research. Since early 2020, five new faces have joined our faculty team and offered us more knowledge. Recently, through the efforts of the school, two foreign faculty members stranded overseas have returned to China, with others now going through necessary formalities. We believe that in the near future they will return to our campus and once again be able to share their wisdom with our students and alumni.

As students have begun returning to school, we are very thankful that, even during the outbreak, many dedicated business leaders signed up for our programmes. Waiting patiently for the restart of the classes, they have been willing to march forward with us. The resumes of our new students fill us with even greater pride. Members of the EMBA2020 spring cohort, for example, have 16 years of work experience on average, including 12 years of management experience; 33% of them hold a master’s degree or above; and 31% of their companies have been listed. Every year, the make-up of our new cohorts sheds some light on China’s economic prospects and trends for development in various fields. This year’s new intakes, in particular, bear the hallmarks of the current era, demonstrating a spirit of persistence and perseverance. As the Chinese philosopher Mencius once said, “The third delight a superior man takes is to seek the most talented individuals from the whole kingdom, and teach and nourish them.”As such, it is a great honour for CEIBS to work side-by-side with so many outstanding entrepreneurs.

If enrolment at CEIBS is regarded as a turning point in a student’s life, our alumni community has also progressed to a new phase. At the end of July, the CEIBS Alumni Association held the 2020 Alumni Congress and 4th Council of Directors Election. Over the past three years, the 3rd Council has defined “serving alumni, giving back to CEIBS, and contributing to society” as the purpose of the Alumni Association, and has optimised its organisational structure, breaking fresh ground in its work. As the 3rd Council has completed its term, the 4th Council now sets out on a new journey. Alumni companies, organisations and individuals who have contributed to the fight against the epidemic were highly commended at the meeting. We are glad to see that the school’s “合” (hé) culture and its motto of “Conscientiousness, Innovation and Excellence” have been passed down from generations of CEIBS community members and continue to show fresh vitality.

Students and alumni play an integral role in making CEIBS an important hub for China’s management education. Over the years, you have stayed true to your aspirations to spearhead innovation in all walks of life and contribute to economic development. While conducting business, you have kept social responsibility in mind and committed yourselves to creating a fairer and more sustainable society for the benefit of all. It has been said that CEIBS alumni represent the salt of the earth in the business community. This makes us very proud. We believe that you are the source of CEIBS’ vibrancy, the key to its sustainable development, and the source of our confidence in the future.

Our Shanghai campus is once again bustling with activity and students can now be seen strolling through its long corridors and breezeway. The buzzing of cicadas has gradually given way to the sound of conversation and laughter on campus. Faculty members have returned to classrooms to deliver lectures to students. Time seemed to stop during our moment of separation. Now, everything on campus is returning to normal. For us, this is a great gift for Teachers’ Day.

This year, we have risen up from a great ordeal and have come to better understand the significance of overcoming hardships. As the epidemic has not yet subsided, we hope that everyone will continue to stay confident, forge ahead, assume your responsibility as a driving force behind economic recovery and contribute a new dimension to entrepreneurship. Let us join hands in performing our mission to live up to the expectations of the current era!

Best Regards,

CEIBS President  CEIBS President (European)

Prof. Wang Hong         Prof. Dipak C. Jain       

Flashback to Summer/Autumn 2020 at CEIBS

2020.7.16- 2020.9.9


On September 3, a special faculty and staff meeting was held at CEIBS’ Shanghai campus. During the meeting, Professor Li Mingjun successfully completed his five-year tenure as CEIBS President. Following a comprehensive process of consideration and selection, Prof. Wang Hong was then officially appointed as the new CEIBS President, having been unanimously endorsed for the position by all the members of the school’s Board of Directors. Yu Shaoliang, member of the Standing Committee and Director of the Organisation Department of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee; Yang Zhenbin, Chairman of the University Council of Shanghai Jiao Tong University; Lin Zhongqin, President of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Chairman of the CEIBS Board of Directors; Leng Weiqing, Deputy Director of the Organisation Department of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee; and Shen Wei, Secretary General of CPC of Working Committee of Education and Health of Shanghai, attended the meeting. CEIBS leadership team members, faculty and staff were also in attendance.


In August, CEIBS alumnus Zeng Liqing (EMBA2005) donated $1.6 million USD for the international development of the MBA Programme; Shanghai Oriental Securities Asset Management Company donated 2 million RMB to the CEIBS Lujiazui Institute of International Finance for teaching and research. In September, Cai Fangxin (CEO2019) donated 2 million RMB towards teaching, research and events at CEIBS. In addition to these large donations, other alumni donations have continued to stream in. Gao Wei (MBA1995), Li Hongbo (EMBA2009) and Zheng Chao (MBA2013), for example, have made donations to CEIBS for more than six years. On this occasion, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the alumni who have contributed to the development of the school!


This month, HEMBA, EE, EMBA, FMBA and GEMBA courses will once again be delivered on campuses, with classes restarting in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen.


On the evening of July 25, TEDxCEIBS 2020 was live-streamed from the Poly Grand Theatre on the theme of “Becoming: Me, Us, More”. Eight distinguished guests from different industries shared how this theme has resonated with them though topics such as calmness, enthusiasm, persistence, studying, understanding, science, life and sports. The event attracted over seven million viewers online, garnering over 10 million clicks.


On July 18, the Online Seminar on High-Quality Teaching Case Development was hosted by the CEIBS Case Centre on Shanghai Campus. As one of the events for promoting the “2020 CEIBS Global Contest for China-Focused Cases”, the seminar attracted approximately 450 business school teachers from across China.