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Friday, November 15, 2019

CEIBS at 25: Our Next Chapter

November 15, 2019. Shanghai – Co-founded by the Chinese government and the European Union on November 8, 1994, CEIBS has grown into a world-renowned business school and a recognised role model of effective co-operation between China and the EU. For over a quarter of a century, CEIBS has evolved from introducing and interpreting classic management theory from the west, to shaping and sharing Chinese management expertise in an era of globalisation.

On November 15, 2019, CEIBS hosted the school’s 25th Anniversary Ceremony at its Shanghai campus. Representatives from the two executive partners attended the ceremony, including Jiang Sixian, Secretary of SJTU Party Committee; Lin Zhongqin, President of SJTU and Chairman of the CEIBS Board of Directors; Dr. Gerard Van Schaik, Honorary Chairman of the EFMD and Vice Chairman of the CEIBS Board of Directors; and Eric Cornuel, President of the EFMD.

Prof. Lin stated that the achievements CEIBS has made since its establishment 25 years ago stand as a miracle in the history of management education in China and the world. Furthermore, he added that CEIBS has now become a benchmark and model for co-operation between China and the EU in education. Prof. Lin then said he hopes, first, that CEIBS will continue to adhere to fostering integrity and promoting the well-rounded development of people as its fundamental task; second, that, as the world evolves, CEIBS will live up to the expectations of the era and gain new momentum for its growth; and, third, that CEIBS will seize a new round of opportunities for Chinese-foreign co-operation and leverage its advantage as an institution co-founded by the Chinese government and the EU.

In his speech, Dr. Van Schaik pointed out that, back in 1994, no one could have predicted that CEIBS would so quickly emerge from its beginning to become a world-class business school in today’s highly competitive management education industry. Looking ahead, he said that, “The school’s fortunes will depend on how it deals with the future. It will have to remain the same innovative, ambitious, quality conscious and forward looking institution it has been so far.” He further added that, in the face of unprecedented challenges, CEIBS must maintain a pioneering attitude and continue to explore the unexpected. The EFMD, he said, will continue to contribute to the best of its ability to the future success and reputation of CEIBS.

CEIBS is committed both to contributing to China's national rejuvenation and to furthering global peace and prosperity. At the threshold of a new beginning, CEIBS remains devoted to enhancing academic excellence, business relevance, and social significance. At the same time, CEIBS is also committed to expanding its global reach through greater international visibility and reputation. We look forward with great confidence as we begin our next chapter as a leading global business school.