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Friday, September 13, 2019

May the Full Moon Bring Best Wishes to You and Me

Dear CEIBS Alumni,

As we approach Mid-Autumn Festival, a special occasion on which to appreciate the beauty and wonder of the full moon, we would like to extend our most sincere greetings to the more than 22,000 CEIBS alumni around the world. This summer, CEIBS welcomed the high-spirited MBA2021 cohort, awarded research and teaching awards to professors who have achieved outstanding results over the past year and we were officially re-certified as an accredited business school by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). In just over two weeks, we will commemorate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC, and in less than two months, we will celebrate CEIBS' 25th anniversary. With so many wonderful memories to look back on and more exciting events to look forward to, we believe that this Mid-Autumn Festival will be especially joyous for the whole CEIBS community.

In August, we published the MBA2019 Career Report. We were delighted to note that, despite an increasingly competitive job market, 94.3% of our MBA 2019 students found employment within 3 months of graduating, marking the highest employment rate we have recorded in the past decade. This is, in part, due to the high calibre of our MBA graduates, and in part to the generous support and help of our alumni – for which we are always thankful. It is also noteworthy that over 40% of our graduates joined Chinese businesses, and over half of our employed international graduates are now pursuing their careers in China. It all goes to show how attractive China’s economic strength and resilience are for job candidates in today’s global economy.

Over the past 25 years, CEIBS has grown into a world-renowned business school and one which is leading the pack in Asia. Both the CEIBS MBA and GEMBA programmes have now made it into the Financial Times’ list of the world’s top 5. These achievements are a testament to the strength of CEIBS as a business school, underpinned by our commitment to the motto of “Conscientiousness, Innovation and Excellence”. In July, we held the inaugural Business Experience Camp for children of CEIBS alumni at our Shanghai Campus, giving them an immersive learning experience, including activities such as a campus tour, business case discussions and field trips to partner companies. Experiencing these activities through the eyes of their children, many alumni commented that they felt as if they had been transported back to the time when they too studied at CEIBS. Looking ahead, we hope that the academic rigor that we instil in our alumni will be passed down through generations.

In April, we kicked off our 25th anniversary celebrations in Beijing, Shanghai and Accra, and held a series of exciting events around the world, including the CEIBS Insights 2019 Europe Forum series in Zurich, Munich and Brussels, the 3rd CEIBS Insights US Forum in Boston, the CEIBS China-Africa Forum 2019 (on the theme of “When China Meets Africa”), the CEIBS Insights Executive Receptions in Beijing and Shanghai, the 2019 Class Representatives Homecoming Day, and the CEIBS Asia Alumni Reunion in Singapore – and we are only a little more than half way through the year! In early October, we will hold our annual CEIBS Europe Alumni Reunion in Paris, at which former Prime Minister of France and Distinguished Professor at CEIBS Dominique de Villepin will deliver a speech. In November, we will host CEIBS 25th Anniversary Celebrations at our Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai campuses. At that time, a number of major guests will join us to help revive our memories and mark the beginning of a new journey.

Zhu Guangqian, founder of contemporary Chinese aesthetics, famously said, “Do the right thing. Right now. Right here.” By that, he meant that one should never shun their responsibilities, never postpone what should be done today until tomorrow and never try to convince themselves that they could do better under different circumstances. Having reached our 25th anniversary milestone, we know that building a world-leading, well-respected business school steeped in “China Essence, Global Significance” is what we must do – right now, right here. We will keep moving and make every day count in our relentless pursuit of this goal.

During the Mid-Autumn night, the full moon shines at its brightest. It is the best time to take a moment to observe the moon in all its splendour — be it from the tranquil courtyard at our Shanghai campus, the modern office park of the Shenzhen campus, high atop the Beijing campus, our beautiful campus on the shore of Lake Zurich or from the Accra campus filled with the sound of African drums. Perhaps, this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival will fill us with more than just the wonder of nature. May it also remind us of warm memories and the earnest expectations we share for the school’s development. Tonight, wherever you are, we hope the full moon brings best wishes to CEIBS and all of us!

Wishing you all the best!

   CEIBS President       CEIBS President (European)
Prof. Li Mingjun               Prof. Dipak C. Jain    

Flashback to Summer 2019 at CEIBS

In August, CEIBS Beijing campus was chosen as the first stop for participants of the 14th European Diplomats Seminar, organised by the Department of European Affairs under the Foreign Ministry on the theme of “Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the PRC, and a New Beginning for China-EU cooperation”.


On July 12, Zhou Bohua, Vice-Chairman of the China Economic and Social Council, and Luca Jahier, President of the European Economic and Social Committee, visited CEIBS together with a delegation of about 40 participants for the 17th meeting of the China-EU Roundtable.


In July, over 90 participants from 26 countries and regions attended the CEIBS Summer Pre-MBA Boot Camp on the Shanghai Campus, where they sat in lectures delivered by CEIBS professors and exchanged views with MBA alumni and business representatives from a wide variety of backgrounds.


On July 1-2, the first session of the CEIBS Case Master Development Camp 2019 was held on at our Shanghai Campus, attracting 144 teachers from 98 business schools around the world.


In July and August, CEIBS alumnus Yan Dinggui (EMBA 2013) made a valuable donation to CEIBS in support of the school’s research efforts, and Chen Yinghai (EMBA 1999) provided much-needed assistance for the renovation of our Beijing campus. We would like to express our highest gratitude and appreciation to them!