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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Shanghai Campus Hosts 2019 CEIBS Family Day

August 25, 2019, Shanghai – As part of this year’s CEIBS 25th Anniversary Celebration, school’s Shanghai campus today hosted the 2019 CEIBS Family Day. CEIBS Union Chairwoman, Assistant President and Director of Dean’s Office Ms. Xu Huijuan; Director of Human Resources Department Ms. Dong Xuejun; Assistant Director of the President's Office Ms. Xu Jiahui; and CEIBS Union Vice Chairman Mr. Jin Liqiang joined in the events and had fun together with nearly 200 faculty and staff members, as well as their families.

The day included a closing ceremony for the 2019 CEIBS Junior Growth Camp. In addition to traditional activities from previous Family Days, CEIBS faculty and staff had the opportunity this year to take a special family photo as a record of the happy and unforgettable moment.

The Junior Growth Camp closing ceremony started with a sentimental performance of A Day of Us, depicting a vivid picture of camp activities. A special video then offered parents a look at their children’s lives in summer camp over the past two months, including numerous clips of their learning activities.

As part of the ceremony, Ms. Helen Xu made an opening speech. She noted that following the inaugural Junior Growth Camp in 2018, school management had held numerous discussions and finally decided to hold a six-week summer camp in Shanghai campus in 2019, as a way to help staff with the challenge of caring for their children during the summer vacation, and to provide children with a more fulfilling and happy holiday.

CEIBS Union Chairwoman Ms. Xu Huijuan speaks during the 2019 CEIBS Junior Summer Camp Closing Ceremony

A total of 70 children from 60 families participated in the six-week summer camp, including 28 children in class A (mostly made up of kindergarten children) and 42 children in Class B (mostly made up of primary school students). In addition to regular courses arranged by Shanghai CIIC International Training Centre, the camp also incorporated topics such as garbage classification, and CEIBS-related courses. Many CEIBS staff members, students and alumni also participated in the summer camp, sharing with children knowledge on topics like ad-libbing, basic finances and public speaking.

Thanks to the planning and organisation of the CEIBS Union, Dean’s Office and Human Resources Department, as well as the support of the CEIBS Logistics Department and cooperation of teachers from CIIC, this year's growth camp was a great success. The CEIBS Junior Growth Camp is a welfare programme for CEIBS faculty and staff. The school has invested in the programme as part of its responsibility to and caring for CEIBS faculty and staff members and their children. The camp also reflects meaning behind the school’s 合 () logo and culture.

Children receive their certificates during the 2019 CEIBS Junior Summer Camp Closing Ceremony

Following the opening speech, Ms. Xu Huijuan and Ms. Dong Xuejun presented certificates to Class B, while MS. Xu Jiahui and Mr. Jin Liqiang presented certificates to Class A. During the gala show, staff members and children from the camp demonstrated their many talents. The programme included piano and traditional Chinese instrument performances, duets, dancing, a choir performance and more.

Children perform during the 2019 CEIBS Family Day Talent Show

In the afternoon, children enjoyed a Happy Hours event in the gymnasium. Activities included playing with Lego, potting plants, constructing handmade guitars, playing in a children's sand pool and inflatable castle, and watching a magic bubble show. A claw game attracted not only children, but also their parents. To celebrate the school’s 25th anniversary, the CEIBS Union also arranged a floor painting activity for children to leave a creative message for the school. Parents also enjoyed their leisure time playing board games.

Children play during the Happy Hours portion of the 2019 CEIBS Family Day

The CEIBS Union also invited He Xinru, daughter of He Yuanqing from the CEIBS Case Center, to share with the children her secrets in learning English. First, she said, make full use of internet resources and learn from video and audio programmes. And, second, develop the habit of making use of spare time to read English.

Finally, in a specially arranged photo area, faculty, staff members and their children lined up waiting to take their family photo. With a wonderful show, an inspiring lecture, family photos, and lots of activities, the 2019 CEIBS Family Day was a great opportunity for CEIBS families and friends to get together and celebrate the school’s 25th anniversary.

Volunteers pose for a group photo during the 2019 CEIBS Family Day

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