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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

CEIBS “Advanced Case Writing Workshop” Wraps Up Successfully

April 22, 2019. Shanghai – The “Advanced Case Writing Workshop" was successfully held today at CEIBS' Shanghai Campus. The case writers' workshop is part of a training programme organised by CEIBS Case Center in addition to the “Case Master Development Camp.” Professor Paul Beamish from the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario, was invited as the workshop lecturer, who boasts over 30 years of experience in case development and teaching.

In attendance were 47 professors and case writers from 19 business schools around China. In his opening speech, CEIBS Case Center Director Professor Chen Shimin elaborated on the progress the CEIBS Case Center has made so far in case development and teaching, including establishing the current team structure, the development of ChinaCases.Org, and other relevant training programmes.

The workshop was comprised of three sessions. First, Prof. Beamish described how to write and release a business case. He also illustrated common problems in case writing. He then initiated a discussion about the merits and demerits of two selected business cases and related teaching notes. Based on his feedback on these two cases, the workshop attendees learned how to analyse what makes a poor business case and how it could be improved from the perspective of a case writer and editor. His advice on developing quality business cases and expanding the impact of them by building a larger user base was quite thought provoking. The third part was a Q&A session, in which the attendees interacted with Prof. Beamish and put forward questions confronting them in case writing and teaching, such as case copyright and authorisation, serial case development, and how to communicate with enterprises they have visited.

In his closing remarks, Prof. Chen spoke highly of the significant and well-organised workshop as well as Prof. Beamish's contributions to the rapid development of the case teaching method in the past decade or so in China. He also stated that he expects the CEIBS Case Center to come up with more training programmes tailor-made for different audiences in the future.