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Thursday, December 6, 2018

CEIBS Holds 2016 EMBA/FMBA Graduation Ceremony at Shanghai Campus

December 6, 2018. Shanghai – November was a season of harvest for CEIBS. On November 24, nearly 800 students from CEIBS’ Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen campuses gathered together for the 2016 EMBA/FMBA graduation ceremony. Professor Wu Jinglian, a researcher at the Development Research Center of the State Council and Honorary Chairman of the International Economic Association, was also in attendance to officially accept his appointment as CEIBS Lifetime Honorary Professor.

The event’s morning session kicked off with a series of "unforgettable lessons" imparted by CEIBS Associate Professor of Strategy Chen Weiru, Professor of Entrepreneurial Management Practice Gong Xi, and Professor of Accounting Su Xijia.

After lunch, the 2016 EMBA/FMBA graduation ceremony officially began. President Li Mingjun, President (European) Dipak Jain, Vice President and Dean Ding Yuan, Vice President, and Co-Dean Zhang Weijiong were also in attendance along with numerous members of the CEIBS faculty.

Promoting entrepreneurship and shouldering social responsibility

The graduation ceremony was co-chaired by Associate Dean, EMBA Programme Director, and Economics Professor Zhu Tian together with Associate Dean, FMBA Programme Director, and Professor of Finance and Accounting, Zhao Xinyu.

President Li first congratulated the graduates on their transition from students to alumni. He noted that everyone had spent an unforgettable time at CEIBS over the past two years, during which they had also witnessed the moment when the dream of Central Europe came true. He also stated that, after graduating, everyone could continue to partner with their alma mater as one of the more than 22,000 CEIBS alumni around the world. "We are in an era full of opportunities and changes,” he said. “The private economy has become an important force in China's economic development. The deepening of reform and sustainable development of the country also requires the unremitting struggle and firm confidence of business elites in all fields. The Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is rooted in our hearts and affects our destiny. It also carries the dream of every business elite. I hope that everyone will not only continue to love our motherland, but also be loyal to the motherland, and continue to uphold the spirit of CEIBS."

Possessing the idea of ​​freedom and the spirit of independence

Subsequently, Professor Chen Jieping delivered a speech in which he pointed out that in an era when rules and laws are constantly being subverted, the problems that need to be solved are more and more complicated, and that the only way for us to act is to continue to learn and to be good at learning. He made three suggestions: First, we must be critical in our thinking when learning and not rely solely on authority; second, we should read books selectively and avoid blindly worshipping publications; and, third, we mustn’t be too eager for quick and instant success. Professor Chen further stated that he hopes the current graduates will adhere to the CEIBS motto of “Conscientiousness, Innovation, and Excellence”.

The answer to the future is not in the past’s success

Link Doc Founder Zhang Tianze spoke on behalf of the 2016 EMBA graduates. He said: "Over the last two years, we were always filled with the energy and insight required to confront difficulties. CEIBS fed us with knowledge and inspired us with its spirit, so that we would be comfortable self-examining and improving ourselves. This two-year journey has truly demonstrated the CEIBS motto of ‘Conscientiousness, Innovation, and Excellence’. CEIBS has also gifted us more than I have mentioned above. We are so fortunate to have had such a group of fellow professionals and like-minded friends. So I would like to say, from now on, from this moment, since we have now graduated, we are CEIBS.”

Shanghai Pusu Capital Management Co Ltd. Vice President Liu Jian was likewise delegated to make a speech on behalf of the 2016 FMBA graduates, in which he said, “At CEIBS, we met a group of schoolmates of similar age and with similar interests. CEIBS’ mission to raise leaders with a strong understanding of ‘China Depth and Global Breath’ and who can proactively shoulder social responsibilities should be kept in mind and be practiced. Only by doing so, by continually acting in good faith and with curiosity, will we have the confidence to receive positive feedback from the world and to grasp any gifts which come our way with the passage of time.”

Professor Wu Jinglian named first Lifetime Honorary Professor at CEIBS

It was also an honour for graduates to witness the historical moment when Professor Wu Jinglian was awarded as 'the first Lifetime Honorary Professor at CEIBS' by Professor Ding Yuan. Professor. “After 24 years of exploration and thanks to every single staff member and student, CEIBS has grown into an outstanding business school with Chinese depth and global breadth,” Prof. Wu said. “If you would allow me to express how proud I am of CEIBS' contributions to both the Chinese and global economy and how grateful I am to the more than 22,000 alumni around the world. I will definitely stay true to the original mission, which is, together with my dear colleagues and students, to continually make efforts to increase both domestic and global economic prosperity. Graduation is not the finish line, it is a fresh start. CEIBS will continue to accompany each graduate, sharing in their success and joy in the future.”

CEIBS will walk with you

Finally, professors, friends, and relatives observed as the 2016 EMBA Good Faith Award, FMBA Student Scholarship, and Outstanding Graduate Award were handed out in succession. All graduates then received their MBA certificates. The award marked the passing of graduates into a new stage in their life in which they will be expected to shoulder more social responsibilities.

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