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Saturday, August 25, 2018

CEIBS Junior Summer Camp Held Successfully

August 25, 2018. Shanghai – Over the past two months, China Europe International Business School held its first ever summer camp for children of faculty and staff. A total of 81 children from 71 families participated in the four-week summer camp. On August 25, CEIBS Junior Summer Camp Closing Ceremony and the 3rd CEIBS Junior Growth Day were held successfully at the CEIBS Shanghai campus.

President of CEIBS Prof. Li Mingjun, Vice President and Co-Dean Prof. Zhang Weijiong, Assistant President, Director of Dean’s Office, Deputy Secretary of CEIBS Party Committee and Chairwoman of CEIBS Union Ms. Xu Huijuan, and Director of Human Resource Department Ms. Dong Xuejun attended the ceremony and had fun together with nearly 200 faculty members, staff, and their families.

Prof. Li Mingjun, President of CEIBS

The Closing Ceremony started in the morning with an opening show and a video review of the previous four weeks. President Li Mingjun made an opening speech in which he commented that the camp was an innovative and meaningful event for the school. He also noted that its success could be attributed to the teamwork of the CEIBS Union Committee, Dean’s Office, HR Department, and Logistics Department, volunteers from faculty and staff, and teachers from Shanghai CIIC International Training Centre.

President Li also pointed out that the idea of the Junior Summer Camp had come from the Junior Growth Day held successfully at CEIBS for the past two years. When school management learned that staff were worried about their children being left unattended during summer vacation, they had numerous discussions and finally decided to hold a four-week summer camp. They were happy to see that the camp was welcomed by staff members and their children, with its variety of edutainment activities and guaranteed safety.

President Li also stated that the school is committed to establishing a culture of (meaning combination and cooperation) and that this culture is reflected in all school level activities. It is not only about cooperation among faculty, staff, and students, but also about staff succeeding and developing along with the school. Based on the success of the camp, the school will continue with the programme in the future, as it plays an important role in serving staff as well as helping to attract and retain talent.

Presentation of certificates

Following the opening speech, President Li Mingjun and Vice President Zhang Weijiong presented certificates to Class B (mostly made up of primary school students), while MS. Xu Huijuan and Ms. Dong Xuejun presented certificates to Class A (mostly made up of kindergarten kids).

Talent show

Children from the camp also showed off their talents at the ceremony. The programme list included a family show, guitar playing, Chinese stories, English songs, an accordion solo, and a zhongruan (a Chinese plucked string instrument) solo.

Vice President Zhang Weijiong also joined three children in their performance of Laputa: Castle in the Sky with a piano accompaniment. He expressed his wish that all CEIBS children will receive a quality education and said he hoped for more opportunities to perform with the children again in the future.

In the afternoon, the 3rd CEIBS Junior Growth Day was held in the gym. Organisers prepared many interesting activities for the children, including painting, LEGO, a clown show, and a bubble show. The children had great fun with each other and enjoyed the day.

The ceremony brought to an end to the four-week summer camp, which not only relived parents from worrying about their unattended children, but also provided the children with an opportunity to make more friends while engaging in fun learning activities.

Summer camp

The camp also practiced CEIBS’ motto of “Conscientiousness Innovation and Excellence”. The programme was carried out in an orderly manner with a satisfactory outcome exceeding most participants’ expectations. It also helped to enhance both the cohesion of the school as well as a sense of responsibility for the faculty and staff.

Group photo

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