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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

CEIBS Insights | The 3rd US Forum - Boston

Digital Innovation: Establishing New Frontiers for the Global Economy

The digital economy is boosting productivity and propelling change in retail worldwide. The ‘New Retail’ model promises to offer a ‘one-stop lifestyle community’ that integrates various products and services to meet diverse consumer needs. To remain competitive, US and Chinese online businesses must rely on a process of constant micro-innovation to upgrade their infrastructure and identify and fix user ‘pain points.’

At the same time, the digital revolution is dramatically reshaping the fintech sector, including the emergence of mobile payment, a key ingredient in the ‘New Retail’ model. By opening up new, innovative retail possibilities, mobile payment has given traditional retail a new lease of life. Meanwhile, a rising tide of fintech products, such as internet finance, online crowdfunding, and robo-advisors, now faces stiff competition as the traditional financial industry undergoes a much-needed reshuffle.

So, how can retail and fintech firms improve products to enhance our lives? How can US and Chinese businesses capitalise on domestic retail and fintech trends to reap the rewards of technological progress? These questions and more will be up for discussion on May 15 at the CEIBS Insights Forum in Boston co-hosted by CEIBS and Z-Park Innovation Centre at Boston. The event will bring together scholars and entrepreneurs from China and the US to share industry best practices and promote ‘coopetition,’ enabling companies to break new ground in the digital economy era.




Welcome Address

  • Prof. Dipak Jain
    President (European) and Professor of Marketing, CEIBS
  • Mr. Ming Qiao
    CEO, Z-Park Innovation Centre at Boston

Dr. Snow Zhou
Assistant President, CEIBS


Keynote Speech I

Prof. Max Tegmark
Professor of Physics, MIT; President, Future of Life Institute

Panel Discussion I: Creating a New Space in the e-Commerce Market

The world is currently undergoing a fourth industrial revolution. With the rapid advance of new technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things, US e-commerce giants such as Amazon will continue to expand vertically, while their Chinese counterparts such as Alibaba and Suning — whose models are driven by mobile payments, big data, and smart logistics — will continue to spread out laterally through their ‘New Retail’ model, reaching into every facet of our lives.

With the launch of 5G technology, what could be the next big technological breakthrough from US tech giants? What might be the next foray for Chinese e-commerce companies? How does the focus on user experience in the US intersect with Chinese firms’ focus on retail? These are just a few of the questions that will be explored during this session.


Background Introduction

Prof. Xiande Zhao
Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management, JD.COM Chair in Operations and Supply Chain Management, and Director of CEIBS-GLP Centre of Innovations in Supply Chains and Services, CEIBS


Panel Discussion I
Prof. Xiande Zhao


  • Mr. Aravind Cherukuri, Vice President, Ocean Spray International Inc. 
  • Mr. James Lin, CEO, UNIS
  • Mr. Jie Tang, General Manager, Suning USA
  • Mr. Rob Weisberg, CEO, Invaluable
  • Mr. Anders Zhang, Co-founder & CEO, Starluxe; Student, CEIBS Entrepreneurial Leadership Camp


Coffee Break


Keynote Speech II

Prof. Kristian J. Hammond
Bill and Cathy Osborn Professor of Computer Science, Director of CS Plus X Initiative, and Director of Masters of Science in Artificial Intelligence, McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science, Northwestern University

Panel Discussion II: Reshaping the Future of Finance Through Innovation

Today, the US still maintains an edge over China when it comes to fintech innovation. US fintech firms draw their strength from low-level innovation, a sound legal framework, and a mature credit rating system. In addition, American users are used to paying for goods and services online, which gives US-based ‘unicorns’ an advantage over their Chinese counterparts. Chinese fintech companies, by contrast, excel at harnessing web technologies to overcome pain points in traditional financial products, and by adapting business models to their local market.

Over the past decade, what have US fintech firms done to overhaul traditional financial products? What can we learn from Chinese fintech companies that have tried to use technology to reshape the financial industry? Should fintech companies prudently stick to financial services, or should they shift their focus to new technologies and an improved user experience? These questions and more will be explored during this session.


Background Introduction

Mr. David A. Coulter 
Special Limited Partner, Warburg Pincus


Panel Discussion II
Prof. Yan Gong
Programme Director of CEIBS Entrepreneurial Leadership Camp,
Programme Co-Director of CEIBS Venture Capital Camp, and Professor of Entrepreneurial Management Practice, CEIBS


  • Mr. David Fragale, Chief Operating Officer, Arwen
  • Mr. EO Hao, Founder, FutureMoney; Student, CEIBS Entrepreneurial Leadership Camp
  • Mr. Jack Klinck, Managing Partner, Hyperplane Venture Capital
  • Mr. Leo Zhao, Co-founder & Chairman, Mintech; Student, CEIBS Entrepreneurial Leadership Camp


Closing Address

Prof. Weijiong Zhang
Vice President and Co-Dean, CEIBS


Networking Cocktail

China Europe International Business School


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