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CRI: Prof Chiang Jeongwen on China's three telecom operators' changing leadership
August 25, 2015
CRI: Prof Chiang Jeongwen on broadband connectivity in China and around the world
June 12, 2015
CRI: Prof Thomas Callarman on China's auto industry
May 18, 2015
Radio France: Dr David Gosset on Shanghai Expo's impact on the city
May 15, 2015
CRI: Prof Thomas Callarman on the overcapacity breakout of China's auto industry
May 06, 2015
NPR: Prof Oliver Rui on the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect
November 14, 2014
ARD : Prof Henrik Cronqvist on Alibaba’s IPO and its expansion
September 16, 2014
BBC: CEIBS MBA 2015 student Li Zhongyuan on China's MBA education
September 16, 2014
NPR: Prof Chiang Jeongwen on Alibaba’s new challenges in China
September 08, 2014
CRI: Prof. Oliver Rui on the drop of Chinese property prices and relaxation of purchasing restrictions
August 07, 2014