CEIBS MBA Family Business Club

We aim to be

  • The home for family business students
  • The resource center for every student
  • The networking circle for CEIBS

Club Name

CEIBS MBA Family Business Club

Club Mission

We connect all family business club students, sharing experience and learning from each other. Together, we can open the door of sustainability of family business.

Club Activities or Events

CEIBA MBA Family Business club will organize activities and events focusing on different aspects of value-adding for MBA students:

  • Knowledge and experience sharing, Forum with EMBA on various topics: 1st generation start-up, 2nd generation succession, wealth management, etc.
  • Company visit (and China Module) to have deeper understanding of different family businesses
  • Gather small group of students to act as board member and discuss real family business problems
  • Mentor program with EMBA to build closer connection with 2nd generation who already took over the family business over 5 years
  • Career info sharing to provide career opportunities for all students

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