CEIBS MBA Women Leadership and Network Club

Club Name: 
CEIBS MBA Women Leadership and Network Club
Club Vision: 

 To empower women to lead, and inspire men to support women leaders

Club Mission: 
  • Develop, support, and empower women to realise their full potential to become leaders in society

  • Promote professional and personal development through networking and social engagement opportunities

  • Connect women leaders from different industries and experience levels to our members to become potential mentors and role models

  • Inspire women to pursue their dreams and goals in work and in life

  • Provide platforms for men and women to learn from, share with, and support one another

  • Build awareness in women’s leadership issues and the benefit of professional equity at the executive level

Club Activities or Events: 

Our club will hold professional and personal development activities and social events:

  • For the CEIBS MBA student community

    1. Professional information sessions and sharing from women leaders in different industries

    2. Tangible skills training for women in business

    3. #HeForShe: Recognising men supporting women

    4. Fit Fearless Females: Creating Stronger Women Leaders

  • In collaboration with the greater CEIBS community – GEMBA, EMBA, faculty and alumni network

    1. China Women Leadership Forum: Empowering Women Across Asia

    2. Women’s mentoring programme

  • In collaboration with external women’s clubs, organisations, and associations

    1. Lean in China

    2. International Professional Women’s Society (IPWS)

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