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March 30, 2011

Founded in March, 2011, the CEIBS Alumni International Trade and IPR Protection Association (Shanghai) is one of the most active alumni associations at CEIBS, and now has a membership of over 400 alumni. The Honorary President is Zhu Xiaoming, the Senior Consultant is Liu Ji, the President is Shen Jianfang, and the Secretary-General is Zhao Ping. The association has organised many high-profile events, including the IPR Forum, International Trade Forum and Nomocracy Forum, which have been well-received by members and other CEIBS alumni. The association has previously won both the “Best Event Organiser Award” and “Best Data Maintenance Award” from the CEIBS Alumni Association.

The tenets of the association are to share information and resources, support each other and drive development for its members. The main tasks of the association are to facilitate discussion and research on international trade and IPR protection, and to help promote the development of CEIBS alumni and alumni companies.

The CEIBS Alumni International Trade and IPR Protection Association (Beijing) and the CEIBS Alumni Legal Association are affiliated with the International Trade and IPR Protection Association (Shanghai).

The CEIBS Alumni Legal Association is committed to upholding the constitution and the laws of the People’s Republic of China, and safeguarding the rights, interests and reputation of CEIBS. We believe in Chinese laws and advocate obeying the rules and regulations. We provide strong back-up support for CEIBS alumni. We will continue to be diligent and perseverant, and do our utmost to prove the power of nomocracy in promoting social progress.


 President: Shen Jianfang
Secretary-General: Zhao Ping