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The CEIBS Alumni Hubei Chapter was established on April 11, 2009. The WeChat group of CEIBS Hubei alumni comprises over 200 CEO/ EMBA/ EDP/ DIMP alumni from Hubei, 120 of whom are members of the chapter. Through organising forums, lectures, study tours, New Year’s parties and gatherings, the chapter strives to promote communication amongst alumni and to create opportunities for alumni to learn from and co-operate with each other.

The fourth council of the chapter was established on February 7, 2018. In accordance with the stipulations in the Articles of the Association of the CEIBS Alumni Association, as well as with the standard re-election processes of the association and its chapters, the chapter’s re-election working group organised members to re-elect the fourth council members, including:

President: Li Jian
Vice Presidents: Cao Chen, Jiang Xia, Lou Wenhua, Teng Shoushi, Wang Danli, Xie Juan, and Xiong Youhui
Secretary-General: Du Juan
Deputy Secretaries-General: Chen Hongfeng, Yan Chao, Zhou Ming, and Zhou Yan