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6th China Family Business Succession Forum & CEIBS 8th China Family Heritage Forum

Constancy and Change


699 Hongfeng Road, Shanghai 201206, PRC

Over the past four decades, China’s reform and opening-up has brought about a dramatic shift in the business landscape for Chinese family firms. On the one hand, family businesses are rare opportunities made possible by government policies, rapid economic growth, consumption upgrade, balanced development between urban and rural areas and among regions, continuous expansion of domestic demand and the “Belt and Road Initiative”; while on the other hand, they are grappling with challenges in adapting to economic transformation and changes in the global economy, and in improving the enterprise system.

Facing both opportunities and challenges, how will family businesses stay dynamic and competitive? As a traditional Chinese saying goes, “Changes in nature occur in an orderly manner on a periodic basis – that is, they conform to some laws.” As the traditional pattern of development is apparently out of date, family businesses need to figure out whether to remain unchanged or to embrace change, and which aspects should be changed or kept constant. As another saying goes, “Constancy goes hand in hand with change – whatever does not need change should stay constant, while whatever needs change should be changed.” When it comes to “constancy vs. change”, two generations of family business leaders tend to be deeply divided and even at loggerheads. Given China’s shifting business landscape, can a new generation of family business leaders combine their ingenuity and international vision with the entrepreneurial spirit of the older generation to lead their companies forward? These questions are worth discussing in depth.

Co-organised by China Family Business Review and CEIBS, the 6th China Family Business Succession Forum & CEIBS 8th China Family Heritage Forum 2019 will bring together family business owners, successors and scholars from the US, Europe, Australia, South-east Asia, Japan and South Korea, as well as Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. On the theme of “Constancy and Change”, guests will deliver keynote speeches and participate in roundtable discussions to share exemplary Chinese and overseas family firms’ innovation and entrepreneurship from different perspectives so as to explore how to make family businesses sustainable.

Forum Organisers

China Europe International Business School

CEIBS is a not-for-profit joint venture established in 1994 with the support of the Chinese government and the European Commission. Over the past two decades, CEIBS has made outstanding achievements and received wide recognition from the society, with its reputation as a prestigious business school in Asia being further strengthened and enhanced. With a vision to become the most respected international business school in the world, CEIBS is committed to educating socially responsible leaders versed in "China Depth, Global Breadth". As one of the leading business schools worldwide, CEIBS organizes a number of high-level international forums and roundtables each year that offer an open platform for industry leaders, senior government officials, and renowned academics to share their insights on hot issues facing China and the world.

Sunday, November 17



Venue: Hilton Ningbo Dongqian Lake Resort


Welcome Address 

  • Prof. Jin Bei
    President of China Business Journal
    Member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
  • Prof. Pedro Nueno
    Honorary President (European), CEIBS


Keynote Speech 

Prof. Pedro Nueno
Honorary President (European), CEIBS


Keynote Speech 

Mr. Carl Elsener 
CEO, Victorinox AG
Member of the Executive Board


Keynote Speech 

Mr. Hanno D. Wentzler 
President and CEO of Freudenberg Chemical Specialities 
Member of the Executive Council of German Freudenberg Group


Keynote Speech 

Mr. Mao Lixiang     
Chairman, FOTILE Group, China


Keynote Speech 

Mr. Robert Yap    
Chairman, YCH Group, Singapore 


Keynote Speech 

Mr. Liu Yonghao
Chairman, New Hope Group, China

Roundtable I



  • Mr. Carl Elsener, CEO, Victorinox AG, MEMBER OF THE EXECUTIVE BOARD
  • Mr. Hanno D. Wentzler, President and CEO of Freudenberg Chemical Specialities, Member of the Executive Council of German Freudenberg Group
  • Mr. Mao Lixiang, Chairman, FOTILE Group 
  • Mr. Robert Yap, Chairman, YCH Group 

Prof. Annie Koh, Vice President, Office of Business Development 
Academic Director, Business Families Institute, Singapore Management University


Keynote Speech

Prof. Morten Bennedsen
The André and Rosalie Hoffmann Chaired Professor of Family Enterprise, INSEAD




2019 Fourth Survey on China’s Rising Entrepreneurs’ Organisations & Launch Ceremony of the Career Matrix Survey White Paper on China’s Rising Entrepreneurs


Keynote Speech

Prof. Toshio Goto
Specially appointed Professor, Japan University of Economics, postgraduate course


Keynote Speech

Prof. Jean Lee
Michelin Chair Professor in Leadership and HRM, CEIBS  
Co-Director, CEIBS Centre for Family Heritage


CEIBS Book Release

Roundtable II


Moderator: Prof. Jean Lee 
Michelin Chair Professor in Leadership and HRM, CEIBS  
Co-Director, CEIBS Centre for Family Heritage


  • Fung Group (father and son) 
  • The Wellendorff family (father and daughter) 


2019 STEP Global Report Release & STEP Asia Pacific Panel 


Keynote Speech

Mr. Cho Tak Wong
Chairman, Fuyao Glass Industry Group

Online Registration

We are pleased to be able to provide complimentary tickets to our Family Heritage Forum for family business members. If your family owns a business that is medium-sized or larger, please click here to register if you would like to attend. The Forum Organizing Committee will review your application and send you a formal confirmation letter has been approved.

Conference Venue

Hilton Ningbo Dongqian Lake Resort

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