CEIBS Finance & Accounting Academic Symposium

CEIBS’ Annual Finance/Accounting Symposium provides an opportunity for scholars from around the world to gather and discuss leading research in the fields of finance and accounting. Each year we choose a contemporary theme, and select papers with significant implications for managers and policymakers. Many of these papers also employ cutting edge methodology of considerable interest to academic researchers.

The symposium typically consists of 6-7 papers selected from over 100 submissions. A highly qualified discussant is assigned to each paper, and the programme allows for plenty of Q&A throughout. During lunch and dinner, conference participants also have the opportunity to engage on a more informal basis. In this way, the symposium series helps strengthen ties between CEIBS faculty and our international colleagues, and between the participants themselves.

For more information about our next symposium, please contact our department secretary Carol Zhao at zcarol2@ceibs.edu.