Food & Beverage Eco Association

Establishment: 2020年11月18日

The CEIBS Alumni Food & Beverage Eco Association is a non-profit organisation that is jointly and voluntarily founded by CEIBS Alumni.


Our mission:

As the CAA defines its purpose as “service to alumni, contribution to CEIBS and dedication to society”, we set our heart on creating a platform for CEIBS alumni in the catering industries and related sectors to share and exchange information. We are committed to promoting cohesion among CEIBS alumni and encouraging altruism, win-win cooperation, and mutual benefit.


Member benefits:

  • A strong network for alumni companies in the catering industries and related sectors to share resources, exchange ideas and cooperate in terms of business expansion, marketing, HR management, supply chain, investment, and financing, etc.;
  • Various events, including company visits and learning, workshops and forums, and charitable activities;
  • An enabling platform for communications across regions and sectors.


New member gifts:

  • New members will also enjoy a gift package worth RMB 2,000 which contains products and coupons from companies of existing members.


WeChat: ceibsshanghai


President: Zheng Dan
Secretary General: Liu Liang