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Chief Analyst of Harvest Fund put good prospect to share investment-CEIBS Alumni Finance and Investment Club series events

CEIBS Alumni Finance and Investment Club organized its series investment events to invite Mr.Chen Li, the chief analyst of Harvest Fund, to share his experience about the Chinese share market which increase so high during the first six months but goes down with same speed. Council member, alumnus Yan Yiming held the speech.

Mr Chen Li analyzed the trend of Chinese share market this year during his one hour speech. Firstly, he reviewed the share market on July and Aug and believe that the evaluation of market on July is quite high, while the capital invesment is lower than the estimation, share market goes down on Aug. About the key factors affecting the Sep market, Mr Chen highlighted four points: 1. The investment prospect of Real Estate Market. 2. Oversea market. 3. Financing. 4. Inflation expectations. Mr Chen also shared his estimation to the future share market: 1. The market will shake during the short term. 2. The evaluation of oversea liquidity is weakening. 3. The new loans and M2 increase will decline. 4. If the share market will go up in the future, it will relate to three points, Economy recovery does not change; Evaluation of profit does not change; High point of liquidity moves to the second level; Real Estate investment increase its speed. 5. Share market is still attractive because the big capital gains significant profit. 6. The policy might change its direction and exchange rate of RMB is unpredictable.

Finally, Mr. Chen answerd all the questions from audience.