Asian Family Businesses

The global economy is predominantly driven by family businesses that provide the largest source of long-term employment in most countries. In Asia, family members amongst 60% of large corporations own a significant share of the equity and can influence key decisions. This phenomenon presents family enterprises with challenges and opportunities as any other non-family-run enterprise but in a more complex dimension.

This book presents a collection of cases that address three key challenges faced by many of the family enterprises in Asia — Succession, Governance and Innovation. The narration of the cases also offers the reader tips about good practices among the Asian families, such as effective family governance mechanism, development of innovation and entrepreneurial mindsets across generations, and importance of family culture.

This case book is essential reading for anyone interested in addressing the needs of business families in the region.

Author(s): Lee, Siew Kim Jean
Position: Professor of Management; Michelin Chair Professor in Leadership and Human Resources Management; Co-Director, CEIBS Centre for Family Heritage