Emerging Champions in the Digital Economy

This book presents a list of emerging and established companies which have a strong belief in the digital economy and elaborate their unique digital innovations. The companies selected for this book are from a variety of industries, including both Chinese and international leading technology companies such as iflytek, JD.com, IBM and Amazon. A wide range of commercial fields are covered ensuring a comprehensive research on the topic of digital economy, for example Shanghai Center (Construction Management), PPDai(Finance), 3Dmed(Precision Medicine), Children’s Hospital of Shanghai(Medical Service), First Respond (First Aid Service) etc. All cases are presented based on field studies as well as in-depth interviews and are followed by thought-provoking case analysis, which can help readers to better understand the cases from different perspectives. Readers can use this book as a good reference to address challenges and capture opportunities in the context of ever growing digital economy. 

Author(s): Zhu, Xiaoming
Position: President (June 2006 - March 2015), Professor of Management; Zhongtian Chair in Management, CEIBS Programme Co-Director of Smart Health Care Startup Programme