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AMP & CFO Club

October 18, 2008

Chinese Name English Name Gender Class Position
洪宏 HONG Hong M AMP22 President
郑天洋 ZHENG Tianyang F AMP9 Vice President
余绍元 YU Shaoyuan M AMP14 Vice President
王荣福 WANG Rongfu M AMP17 Vice President
勾祖勇 GOU Zuyong M AMP19 General Secretary
李明军 LI Mingjun M AMP25 Vice General Secretary
林莉芳 LIN Lifang F AMP22 Vice General Secretary
魏莉 WEI Li F AMP27 Vice General Secretary
赵娟 Judy ZHAO F AMP24 Council Member
宁鹏 NING Peng M AMP15 Council Member
王汝林 WANG Rulin F AMP18 Council Member
曹宝军 CAO Baojun M AMP14 Council Member
李美宝 LI Meibao M AMP23 Council Member
夏立 XIA Li M AMP14 Council Member
陈伟文 CHEN Weiwen M AMP20 Council Member
吴艺 WU Yi M AMP17 Council Member
RMB 1000 per person/year
Contact person: 
Mr. GOU Zuyong