Soccer Club

Establishment: May 4, 2013

CEIBS has a long and rich soccer tradition. Established on May 4, 2013 (Youth Day in China), the CEIBS Alumni Soccer Club (Shanghai) has over 400 members, including CEIBS alumni, faculty and staff. The club is the largest competitive sports club at CEIBS. The club organises training activities in Shanghai every Wednesday (in Puxi) and Saturday (in Pudong). The club’s Shenzhen and Beijing chapters also organise training activities every week. The club hosts more than ten games each year, including the CEIBS Soccer Super League, which is co-sponsored by various alumni companies. Following the Spring League and Summer League, a championship match is held at the end of each year. CEIBS MBA, EMBA, FMBA, AMP, CMO alumni and students, and CEIBS faculty and staff form the six soccer teams that participate in the league. In the future, the club will include more soccer teams, and both Entrepreneurial Leadership Camp (CELC) alumni and family members of CEIBS alumni will be eligible to join. The club hosts soccer games in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen every year, allowing alumni to get fit and network with their counterparts from around the world.

The club also organises an elite soccer team, which has in the past won the national championship for EMBA alumni. Each year, the club organises the Xindan Cup Soccer Game, as well as the Gundan Cup Soccer Game for graduates. In an effort to enhance connections with other business schools, the club takes part in Shanghai EMBA soccer leagues, MBA soccer tournaments, and Asia-Pacific invitational MBA soccer tournaments. More importantly, the club utilises business philosophy to make playing soccer a distinctive feature of CEIBS.

The club’s President is Tang Xin, the Vice Presidents are Li Zhen and Xu Shengjun, and the Secretary-General is Zhang Jie. The council members are Tang Xin, Li Zhen, Xu Shengjun, He Tianyi, Ni Honghai, Wei Ling, Chen Dengfang, Zhang Jie, Zhao Yu, Gao Zhenyu, Chen Yanlai, Gao Changlu, Zhang Cheng, Cai Lei, Chen Qiang, Xiong Wenfeng, Chen Zhaoyun, Chen Wei and Seoul. The club’s contact window is Li Zhen (WeChat ID: lizhenjasonli). If you would like to take part in events organised by the club, please contact Zhang Jie (WeChat ID: jianyuehualang).


President: Tang Xin
Secretary-General: Zhang Jie