Sinology Club

Establishment: April 9, 2010

In April, 2010, the CEIBS Alumni Sinology Club was founded at CEIBS Shanghai Campus. CEIBS Vice President Zhang Weijiong attended and delivered a speech and an inscription was provided by then-CEIBS President Zhu Xiaoming.

The president of the club is Qin Yunong and the Secretary-General is Lu Jiangning. The club aims to studying traditional Chinese culture and the true essence of virtue. The club provides sinology enthusiasts with a platform for communication and self-improvement via courses, lectures, salons, study tours, company visits and classic readings. It also seeks to help alumni improve their management skills, to promote friendships, and to contribute to the dissemination and popularisation of traditional Chinese culture.

The club boasts 500 regular members, 11 council members, and seven WeChat groups.

The club invites famous Chinese philosophers, professors and scholars to lecture on the classics of Taoism and Confucianism for alumni of CEIBS and other business schools. Additionally, the club organises activities associated with traditional Chinese culture, such as Tai Chi, the art of tea blending, seven-stringed qin, moxibustion, massage and recitation.

The club has established partnerships with more than ten chambers of commerce, educational institutions and businesses, including the Boao Confucian Entrepreneurs Forum, Huo Taohui’s Fazhu Institute and other well-known businesses.

The club promotes sinology both online and offline and has benefited nearly 10,000 people over the years.


President: Qin Yunong
 Secretary-General: Lu Jiangning