Women in Leadership Association

Establishment: March 28, 2012

The CEIBS Alumni Women in Leadership Association was formed in Shanghai on March 28, 2012, by CEIBS alumni and students with a focus on women in leadership. The Secretary-General is Ms. Lv Cuifeng, Chairman of Shanghai Smart Cargo Supply Chain Management Company. The association aims to promote women’s individual development in an all-around way, to help women expand their circles of friends and business partners, to create opportunities for female alumni to communicate with, co-operate with and learn from each other, to support CEIBS’ academic research, and to increase the influence of CEIBS in the field of women in leadership. The CEIBS Alumni Women in Leadership Association was established with the approval of and is affiliated with the CEIBS Alumni Association.

The association advocates utilising women’s sensibility, developing women’s typical fraternity and magnanimity, driving female members’ individual development, and exerting positive influence on other women and society – in short, we women can make a difference in the world.

The association leverages the stories of successful female leaders around the globe to explore the implications of women in leadership in a political and economic landscape where discourse is often dominated by men. The association also explores the influence of different cultures and historical traditions on women in leadership. The association helps female CEIBS alumni tap into their potential, adopt a global perspective, and position themselves appropriately and take a sustainable career path against the backdrop of globalisation.


President: Chen Yao
Secretary-General: Lv Cuifeng