Sailing Club

Establishment: June 2006

The CEIBS Alumni Sailing Club was founded in June 2006. The tenets of the club are to build a high-end platform that enables members to get close to the sea, sail in harmony with nature, challenge themselves, and foster teamwork.

In recent years, the club has participated in quite a few sailing competitions, including the China Cup, Sinan Cup (at the South China Sea), Mayor Cup, CCOR Cup, Taihu Lake Cup and Sailing Competition around Hainan Island. In particular, the club is the only team that has participated in the China Club Cup Sailing Competition 11 times. The club has also won the China Business School Cup Sailing Competition three times.

The club regularly organises training activities at the Shanghai Sailing Club on Dishui Lake. In addition, the club is planning to improve its organisational structure and operational model, in the hope of building itself into a platform that serves CEIBS alumni around the world, and enables them to network and improve their physical and mental health. We believe that, with the attention and participation of our alumni, the club will make a contribution to the popularisation of sailing as well as the promotion of sailing culture in China.


Presiden: Tian Qianli
Secretary-General: Du Yingying