Real Estate & Construction Industry Association

Establishment: August 16, 2009

The Real Estate & Construction Industry Association (Beijing) was founded on August 16, 2009. The Association has about 500 members, including professionals from industries such as real estate, construction, finance, Internet and consulting. The president is Zhong Jin (Beijing. Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Overseas Chinese Women’s Friendship Association); the honorary president is Su Xin (Go High Fund); the vice presidents are Zhou Qing (Landsea Group), Wang Bing (Beijing New Building Materials Group), Zheng Huihong (Jiade Group) and Cheng Xin (China Overseas Property); The Secretary General is Diao Lu (RK Properties), and the Vice Secretaries General are Lu Xiaohui (Grandjoy Holding), Zhang Zubang (Zenbank), and Yu Xiufeng (Gemdale Group). The Association organizes many alumni company visits, industry forums, and webinars each year, which have deepened friendships among members, fostered their growth, and facilitated cooperation among alumni companies. In addition, the Association provides ongoing support to the "Ten-Year 1,000-mu Tree" public welfare project in Horqin Right Middle Banner, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, by conducting regular public welfare tours to the project site. This initiative aims to plant 1,000 mu (equivalent to 666,666.7 square meters) of commercial fruit trees in Horqin Right Middle Banner over a period of ten years, contributing to local ecological restoration.

The Association aims to connect alumni and students who are involved in or interested in the real estate and construction industry, to draw more attention from the CEIBS community to this pillar industry of our national economy, and to make greater contributions to the healthy development of the real estate and construction industry in China.


President: Zhong Jin (EMBA2011BJ3)

Secretary-General: Diao Lu (EMBA2009BJ1)