Real Estate Association

Establishment: September 13, 2012

The CEIBS Alumni Real Estate Association was founded on September 13, 2012. The association has over 400 members. The President is Hu Baosen, and the Secretary-General is Sun Yigong.

To serve as a platform for alumni to exchange information and experience and to promote the development and academic research of alumni companies in real estate and related sectors.

To integrate industry resources, create synergies, promote the development of China’s real estate and related sectors, and increase the influence of alumni companies in the above-mentioned sectors.

The association regularly hosts various forums and salons to facilitate communication between members. The association has an official WeChat group, as well as two sub-groups dedicated to industrial real estate and financial real estate, thus offering platforms for online sharing and strengthening online-offline connections.


President: Hu Baosen
Secretary-General: Sun Yigong