Private Equity Association

Establishment: 2007

The CEIBS Alumni Private Equity Association was founded in 2007 and became affiliated with the CEIBS Alumni Association in 2010. At present, the association has nearly 100 regular members and 20 council members.

The CEIBS Alumni Private Equity Association is a non-profit organisation. Members of the association include CEIBS alumni who are dedicated to private equity investment and privately-offered fund development, but also include private equity professionals who are recommended by the council and recognised by the CEIBS Alumni Association. The association adopts voluntary membership and self-discipline management, takes full responsibility for its own profits and losses, and pursues independent development.

The association organises private equity forums and a variety of other events, with an aim to serve CEIBS alumni and the private equity sector by acting as a platform where members can share the know-how and practical experience relating to private equity, as well as a service platform for private equity investment and financing and related business.


President: Zhang Suyang
Secretary-General: Chen Fang