Photography Association

Establishment: April 08, 2005

Founded on April 8, 2005, the CEIBS Alumni Photography Association is affiliated with the CEIBS Alumni Association. The association aims to improve alumni’s artistic accomplishments, disposition, physical health and life quality. With the mission of “making photography a source of happiness and improving alumni’s emotional intelligence and taste in colour and art via travel photography”, the association organises domestic and overseas trips, creating opportunities for photography enthusiasts to make friends, and communicate with and learn from each other. The association has nearly 100 members, more than 10 of whom are also members of the China Photographers Association and/or Shanghai Photographers Association.

Over the past ten years, the association has organised forums, lectures, travel photography activities, photography exhibitions, themed photography activities and photography competitions, creating chances for members to share tips on photography. Meanwhile, the association has invited master photographers to the events to share the photography know-how, provide on-site guidance, and comment on members’ works. We are looking forward to getting some new blood!

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President: Zhu Xiangming
Secretary-General: Li Jianping