MBA Club

Establishment: December 13, 2019

Set up in 1995, CEIBS’ full-time, English-language MBA Programme has nurtured 3,500 graduates, 40% of whom are international alumni. Many of our MBA alumni work for many well-known SOEs, multinationals, private companies and social organisations, or have successfully start their own businesses.

On December 13, 2019, the CEIBS Alumni MBA Club was established in accordance with the CEIBS Alumni Association’s mission of “serving alumni, giving back to CEIBS, and contributing to society”. The club aims to build a friendly and sound community that can promote life-long development of individuals and enable the creation and sharing of resources amongst MBA alumni. In addition to providing support to MBA alumni, the club also serves to promote CEIBS and drive social progress.

Note: The MBA Club is only open to MBA alumni.


President: Qu Xiangjun
Secretary-General: Deng Sanhong