Marketing Association (Beijing)

Establishment: 2002

Founded in 2002, the CEIBS Alumni Marketing Association (Beijing) aims to serve as a platform for alumni to discuss marketing theories, cases and practices, and to raise awareness of both the association and CEIBS.

The association focuses on marketing-related topics stemming from diverse regions and industries, enabling resource sharing and allowing members to complement each other.

Since the launch of its WeChat group in 2014, the association has organised 30 to 40 offline events each year. In total, more than 200 offline events have been organised, making the association one of the most active associations at CEIBS. The association also hosts an annual meeting, which is attended by over 120 members. Annual meetings have been held in Jingdezhen (Jiangxi), Maotai (Guizhou), Haikou (Hainan) and Harbin. The annual meeting is only open to CEIBS alumni registered with the association as members.


President: Zhang Guisen
Secretary-General: Peng Liang