Marketing Association (Beijing)

Establishment: 2002

Established in 2002, the Marketing Association aims to provide a platform for CEIBS alumni to discuss marketing theories, case studies and practices. The Association aims to enhance the visibility and academic impact of CEIBS by participating in social events such as the CEIBS CMO Forum and the China Innovative Marketing Award Ceremony, and by publishing case studies and marketing papers on media platforms.

The Association focuses on marketing issues across regions, industries and disciplines, allowing members to share resources and benefit from each other. It keeps abreast of the latest marketing trends, examines and addresses the challenges facing the marketing industry, and identifies notable marketing achievements.

Since the launch of its WeChat group in 2013, the Association has organized more than 400 offline events, equivalent to 30-50 events per year, solidifying its position as one of the most vibrant CEIBS alumni organizations. In addition, the Association organizes at least one annual meeting each year, which is attended by over 100 CEIBS alumni. 

Exclusively for formal CEIBS alumni, the Association is committed to disseminating marketing insights covering trends, challenges, pain points and notable achievements to its members to help them broaden their horizons and explore new marketing approaches. Currently, the Association boasts a thriving community of over 2,000 active formal members organized into nearly 20 different WeChat groups.


President: Zhang Guisen (EMBA06BJ2), Chairman, Beijing Yitang Wuzhi Enterprise Brand Consulting Management Co., Ltd.
Mobile phone: 18901393099