International Trade and IPR Protection Association (Beijing)

Establishment: February 22, 2012

The CEIBS Alumni International Trade and IPR Protection Association (Beijing) was founded on February 22, 2012. The association has two purposes: Internally, it hopes to strengthen ties between CEIBS alumni, enable members to draw lessons from the experience of their peers, and increase the market competitiveness of alumni companies; externally, the association seeks to promote CEIBS’ research findings as well as alumni’s success stories, so that CEIBS can amplify its influence both in China and overseas. The association further aims to be a platform that facilitates communication between CEIBS alumni, shares the information and the latest developments regarding international trade and intellectual property protection, serves alumni companies by addressing their real problems, and amplifies the impact of CEIBS. At present, the association has 120 members.


Wang Xu (President, EMBA98SH2), Chairman of the Board, Secretary of the Party Committee, China International Intellectech Co., Ltd.;
Wang Zhaolin (Vice President and Secretary-General, EMBA08BJ2), Partner, JunHe Law Firm;
Ma Zhicheng (Executive Deputy Secretary-General, EMBA10BJ1), Partner, JT&N Law Firm;
Sun Yuwei (Deputy Secretary-General, EMBA11BJ1), Vice President, Beijing Jushu Anhua Technology Co., Ltd.