Human Resources Management Association

Establishment: October 10, 2003

The CEIBS Alumni Human Resources Management (HRM) Research Association (Shanghai) was founded on October 10, 2003. The association was formed by CEIBS alumni and serves as a shared study centre for HR professionals. The tenets of the association are to evolve into a leading organisation and think tank in the field of HRM and consulting in China, to leverage alumni resources to bring advanced HR and leadership theories and practices in different industries and different regions to Chinese leaders, and to bring unique Chinese perspectives to the world. In order to promote members’ long-term learning and individual development, the association regularly hosts forums, seminars, lectures and company visits, and invites renowned scholars and entrepreneurs to have discussions about the association’s future development. In over a dozen years, the association has attracted more than 300 members. By virtue of the foresight, professionalism and influence, the association has received wide-ranging industry recognition and publicity.

Contact information
Contact: Ren Xiaoyan, Executive Secretary
Tel.: 13061661821


President: Gao Hang

Executive Vice President: Wu Jing, Zhou Wenyue

Vice President and Secretary-General: Kang Wuping

Deputy Secretary-General: Piao Lan, Zhao Chunfeng, Fu Lei, Zhong Min

Vice President: Yu Hua, Zhou Jihong, Zhang Yabo, Wang Xu, Qian Feng, Li Zubin