Hiking Club

Establishment: July 01, 2009

Never stop thinking, never stop hiking. Mountain climbing and hiking is a lifestyle.

Founded in July 2009, the CEIBS Alumni Hiking Club targets alumni who like mountain climbing and hiking, and are willing to share in their happiness and establish genuine friendships with others.

The club advocates climbing mountains, go hiking, getting close to nature, making friends via mountain climbing, and challenging ourselves. With the tenets of mutual help and camaraderie, the club pays close attention to physical and mental health and social welfare, and organises events under the themes of culture, photography, self-cultivation, environmental protection and poverty alleviation. Through mountain climbing and hiking, the club aims to facilitate effective communication amongst CEIBSers. The club also strives to make mountain climbing and hiking and sharing of happiness an integral part of CEIBSers’ lives.

In the spirit of “reading ten thousand books and travelling ten thousand miles”, the club encourages members to think when reading and to feel when travelling. CEIBS Associate Dean Xu Dingbo is the Honorary President of the club.

The club advocates building an outdoor league of global business school mountain climbing and hiking clubs. The club therefore actively seeks opportunities to co-operate with institutions dedicated to outdoor activities, such as mountain climbing and hiking, environmental protection agencies and NGOs, in an effort to showcase CEIBS alumni’s pursuit of health as well as their enterprising spirit, and ultimately to enhance the influence of CEIBS and CEIBSers in the world.

Participants: CEIBS alumni and their family members. As most of events do not require professionalism, and each event will have professional teams and non-professional teams, so members will not get over exerted.

Time: Hiking is arranged at 3pm to 6pm (during the winter) or 6pm to 9pm (during the summer) every Saturday at the Beijing Olympic Forest Park. In addition, a diversity of other activities relating to mountain climbing and hiking will be planned on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis.

1. Mountain climbing and hiking. Participants can enjoy a gathering afterwards, and an entrepreneur will attend to share his/her management and life experience;
2. Culture-themed mountain climbing and hiking, and post-event sharing;
3. Activities for public welfare, including environmental protection, financial aid for students, mountain climbing for the poor, fund raising by hiking;
4. Lectures on topics such as mountain climbing, hiking, health, Tai Chi and photography.

Members’ benefits:
1. Receive outdoor clothing worth more than 500 RMB;
2. Participation in various events organised by the club;
3. Participation in any paid event organised by the club at a discounted price;
4. Participation in the general meeting and input on the club’s rules and board of directors;
5. Participation in special events organised by the club for free or at a nominal price;
6. Participation in corporate team building exercises in the form of mountain climbing and hiking for free, and professional consulting service.

Past events:
1. Traversing the Wuling Mountain near Beijing
2. Hiking along Beiqing Road
3. Hiking at the Old Summer Palace while enjoying the sight of blooming lotus flowers
4. Climbing Xiaowutai Mountain during the October National Day holiday
5. Beijing International Marathon
6. Traversing the Simatai Great Wall and the Jinshanling Great Wall
7. Hiking at Beijing Olympic Forest Park


President: Zhou Heping
Secretary-General: Liu Zheng