Healthcare Industry Association

Establishment: November 16, 2013

The CEIBS Alumni Healthcare Industry Association was founded on November 16, 2013. The association has over 1,000 members, including 26 business members and 22 council members. Many of the association’s members work for government bodies or hospitals, or work in the healthcare, medical device or investment sectors.

Over the past five years, the association has successfully organised numerous company visits, forums and lectures and Chinese New Year gatherings. In response to various industrial transformation and reform, the association will expand to coverage a range of fields in the future, including medical services, medical imaging, gene, AI, big data, fund, investment and old-age care.

Our mission:
Plenty of CEIBS alumni have achieved remarkable success and CEIBS has cultivated an array of nationally and even globally renowned entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry. To further promote the sustainable development of the healthcare industry, the associate aims to integrate industry resources, give play to the strengths of our alumni, and seize opportunities to make greater contributions.

Our events:
The association hosts a variety of events and activities, including seminars on healthcare policies, laws and regulations, and their impact on the healthcare industry; symposiums on current topics, new technologies and trends in the healthcare industry; and tours of companies founded or led by CEIBS alumni. These activities help amplify the impact of alumni companies and help alumni and members expand their investment and financing channels. The association also publishes journals to promote events and hosts other leisure activities, including dinner parties, outings, physical and other creative activities in order to strengthen ties between alumni.

Contact information:
Tel: 021-64220583 or 18621135577



President: Xu Hang
Secretary-General: Zhang Jing