Establishment: March 31, 2021

The CEIBS Finance MBA (FMBA) Programme, launched in 2011, is tailored to the needs of middle-level and senior managers in financial institutions, or those in other industries with work involving financial management. The curriculum is designed to incorporate financial depth and managerial breadth to cultivate future leaders in China’s financial sector.

The CEIBS Finance MBA (FMBA) Club, established on March 31, 2021, stays true to the CEIBS motto of “Conscientiousness, Innovation, and Excellence”. With the purpose of bringing together financial elites and inspiring them to create wealth in proper ways, the Club is committed to building a platform for members to forge friendship, share resources, and cooperate for mutual progress.

Note: The application for membership of the CEIBS FMBA Club is open to CEIBS FMBA alumni only.


President: Lu Ji
Secretary-General: Wen Yi