Finance & Investment Club

Establishment: October 24, 2007

Affiliated with the CEIBS Alumni Association Shenzhen Chapter, the CEIBS Alumni Finance & Investment Club (Shenzhen) is a non-profit social organisation formed by CEIBS alumni and students who work in the field of finance and investment. The mission of the club is to form a collective force to better share information and resources, enhance members’ capability in their areas of specialisation, facilitate members’ career development, and help improve CEIBS’ impact and reputation in the finance and investment industry.

The club is devoted to providing members with valuable information, advice and support and establishing an efficient resource network for finance and investment. In addition to encouraging internal communication, the club also strives to establish good relations with CEIBS’ finance and investment clubs in Shanghai and Beijing, other CEIBS alumni associations and clubs, as well as domestic and foreign societies of the same kind. The club organises a variety of events to provide a good platform for members to exchange ideas and learn from each other.