Finance and Investment Club (Shanghai)

Establishment: August 29, 2003

The CEIBS Alumni Finance and Investment Club (Shanghai) was established in August 2003. The club has over 700 members, many of whom work in banks, insurance companies, securities companies and other financial institutions and investment organisations, have made successful investments in diverse industrial projects, or plan to step into the field of finance and investment. The tenets of the club are to “gather resources, integrate industry wisdom, and create wealth”. The club is the largest and the most active club at CEIBS. Since its establishment, the club has grown with the support of its council, members and CEIBS, and has gathered more than 10,000 people for over 100 events, including a variety of finance and investment forums (e.g. the annual CEIBS Alumni Private Investment Forum), lectures, salons, company visits (including visits to companies in emerging industries) and overseas tours. The club serves as a communication platform for members and other alumni to exchange financial information and industrial investment trends.


President: Li Daobin
Secretary-General: Xu Xin